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R.K. Acharya
R.K. Acharya is the founder of RIBOS, an out sourcing firm. In the year 2014 he took the step of forming this organization on his own.He is dedicated to provide the best customer service , the best Quality, Value and Service to meet customer’s needs. He has spread his business more than 17 countries so far in European continent and aiming to reach world wide in coming years.
Poulami Sen
H.R. Manager
I started working here as an HR Manager and I cover all the duties that is required to do from my end apart from that I also look after training and quality of our team . I do multitasking and I am very happy that I am a part of such a growing and successful organization and my job gives me immense satisfaction and I will always give my best to make my organization the best.
Tapas Deb
Team Manager (Back end)
Hi I am working here for a long time since the organization was formed. I started as a website designer and developer and as time progressed I got promoted as a Team Leader now my job includes motivating my team to bring out the best from them and to use my best skills in regards to our company's success.
Sourav Mandal
Team Manager (Front end)
Hi this is Sourav, my designation is Team Leader and my goal is not only to solve the client's problem with business's success in mind but also motivate my team members for good client relationship and generate good revenue for our business.My role is to analyse every business in every aspects and to give proper consultation in order to help them expand.
Subrata Goswami
I started working here from the time this organization was formed I started as a web consultant and now I handle the total admin part of the organization and along with that I also take care of the website designing and development part though I am a learner now but I am quite sure with my hard work and dedication I will definitely make my mark.
Mayuri Deb
Web Consultant
Hi , I am Mayuri. I work as a web consultant in RibosWeb, I like to give fresh ideas to the people, as I communicate with different customers on daily basis in regards to their business .I am also a CRM and I enjoy giving clients the best ideas and strategies to optimize their business globally.
Chandrani Das
Web Consultant
Hi, I'm Chandrani. I'm working here as a Web Consultant and my job role includes communicating with different clients and give best business solutions. I also act as CRM. As a CRM it becomes my sole responsibility is to look after their project and provide them with a quality service, as RibosWeb is well known in all over Europe for it's quality service. I always give my best and try to contribute my best to my company for its success.
Snigdha Das
Web Consultant
Hi, myself Snigdha, I am working here as a web consultant.As I like to connect with people, I love to help them out by giving best business solutions that suits their business. Which includes all the services we offer.My goal is also to make a healthy relationship with our clients and give them a quality service.
Madhumita Chakraborty
Backend Executive
Hi, Myself Madhumita and I am working here as a back office executive and handle all the functions that is required for all clients and customers . I act like the backbone of the company.